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Classic of pure form in modern interpretation


Maganda is a collection that is done with style and is dedicated to living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. It is made of oak wood elements and natural oak veneer and is characterized by fine design and perfect finishing. Fair, natural oak colour or dark – antique walnut, emphasized by black features make the furniture pieces present their advantages superbly and the interior, which is furnished with them, is cosy and elegant. LED illumination spots which are placed at the back edges of glass shelves, lightens the inside of display cabinets, glass cabinets and chests discretely. The drawers are pulled out silently thanks to the push to open system. The collection contains wide range of illuminated display and glass cabinets and chests, cabinets, hanging shelves and TV panels – maxi and mini. Light and functional, standing bookshelf for books and decorative living room’s gadgets deserve particular attention. The same concerns tables of different size, coffee tables and coffee tables adjustable height (extendable with table top lifting system).
Maganda bedroom it is, among other things, a comfortable bed available in three measurements, few wardrobe kinds and bedside tables in right and left versions. Additionally, there is a mirror and a stylish vanity table with the vanity table top. Ecology fans should be encouraged by the information that the furniture is covered with friendly for the environment and users water lacquers. Exceptions are surfaces requiring the use of other types of coatings.


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Mebin Maganda Jadalnia
Mebin Maganda Salon 1
Mebin Maganda Salon 2
Mebin Maganda Salon 3
Mebin Maganda Sypialnia 1
Mebin Maganda Sypialnia 2
Mebin Maganda Sypialnia 3
Mebin Maganda Lawostol
Mebin Maganda Lawostol 2
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  • Natural oak / Black
  • Antique walnut / Black

Fabric – dedicated to this collection

  • Fabric – No 133

There is a possibility to choose different design from our offer.


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