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Royal proposition to a living room, dining room and bedroom


Wiktoria is a gorgeous, truly royal proposition to a living room, dining room and bedroom. It is available in straight and convexo-concave versions. The second one is slightly similar to wave. It is made of natural veneer with the use of solid wood and fascinates with its unexceptionable form of stylish furniture pieces with finely profiled legs. Remarkable care and attention to detail are seen in the interesting composition of tree rings, decorative finishing of fronts, fancy handles. New solutions were implemented in the light, proportional furniture pieces. They may be found, for example, in drawers and cabinets, which have a system of silent closing. Additionally, display cabinets and drink section perfectly present their content thanks to LED illumination. Living room collection consists of, among other things, neat small tables, extendable coffee table adjustable height (lifting top panel), drink section, glass case, display cabinets, glass cabinets and cabinets. Among classic furniture, chest could not be missed – Wiktoria has 9 chest models, some of them suit bedroom, for example, becoming a linen cupboard. A place for a large bed in few sizes, chic vanity table with vanity top table and a mirror, bedside tables and wide range of wardrobes will surely be found in the bedroom. Stylish furniture pieces do not like crowd. That is why Wiktoria presents its beauty in spacious rooms, where every single piece of furniture takes the due place. It is available in precious, deep shade of wenge patina or in combination of vanilla-wenge. It looks outstandingly both on dark and fair, pastel walls among pleasing decorative additions.


Mebin Wiktoria Jadalnia 1
Mebin Wiktoria Jadalnia 2
Mebin Wiktoria Jadalnia 3
Mebin Wiktoria Salon 2
Mebin Wiktoria Salon 1
Mebin Wiktoria Salon 2
Mebin Wiktoria Sypialnia 4
Mebin Wiktoria Sypialnia 3
Mebin Wiktoria Sypialnia 1
Mebin Wiktoria Sypialnia 2
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 8
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 1
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 2
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 3
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 4
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 5
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 6
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 7
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 9
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 10
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 11
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 12
Mebin Wiktoria Detal 13


Wenge patina
Vanilla / Wenge patina

Fabric – dedicated to this collection

Fabric – No 143

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